Our vision is to remove the need for the skin graft


Severe burns and large wounds are currently treated by skin grafts, which are debilitating and extremely painful for the patient. SKIN Tissue Engineering was established to develop new and innovative products based on a biodegradable polyurethane platform, which will abolish the need for skin grafts forever.

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SKIN has pioneered a process of growing a patient’s own Composite Cultured Skin (CCS) in a specially designed prototype bioreactor. CCS will be used in place of a skin graft and represents a paradigm shift in the way burns and wounds will be treated globally. SKIN has a granted patent in Australia and patents pending in the United States and Europe.

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World leading cell culturing specialist visits SKIN TE

SKIN Tissue Engineering was delighted to recently sponsor world leading cell culturing specialist Dr. Steven Boyce from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine to be a key note speaker at the 2017 Australian New Zealand Burn Association Conference in Adelaide.
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