SKIN recognises the following organisations for their support of the company’s research and development.

Lifetime Support Authority

The Lifetime Support Authority (LSA) is a statutory authority that administers the Lifetime Support Scheme. Through the scheme, LSA provides treatment, care and support to people who have sustained very serious injuries in a motor vehicle accident. SKIN has received a funding grant for the next three years to validate the CCS and bioreactor technology and to undertake human trials.


Government of South Australia

The South Australian Government works with SA based companies to commercialise their technology. The Government of South Australia has assisted SKIN by providing a funding grant that has allowed SKIN to establish the design and build the prototype bioreactor, which is an integral part of growing CCS.


SA Pathology

SA Pathology is the statewide pathology provider for the public health sector, an institution recognised for the highest standards of medical testing and research. SA Pathology and The Royal Adelaide Hospital provide SKIN with laboratory space.